Presidents Corner

As people are aware by now there has been changes made to staff. The Club House Managers position has been changed from full time to casual and Denise was given first option of the new hours. After my discussion with Denise, she decided not to take on that position. The Club will be developing a list of volunteers who will be willing to help cover Clubhouse hours.  Please contact me or Bill if you are interested in being placed on a volunteers listing.

The weather has been fairly good to us, and although the back nine is still a bit wet, with a bit of luck we might start playing the back nine consistently soon.

There has been a tremendous amount of work around the course being done and big thanks go out to all of the people involved.

We held a very successful trivia night on the 27th of August and the raffle was drawn on the night. With a lot of work by Denise and Col, we had an excellent turn out, producing approx. 82 meals and 110 in the Clubhouse for the Trivia. I am sure everyone there really enjoyed the night.

With all of this, it is going to be an exciting time at the golf club and I hope we can all work together to achieve positive outcomes.




Course Update

July had its moments, on course floods x 2, trees down, bridge out.  A good task for my merry men who handled the task at hand.

The metal around the shed is gone and we are putting up a fence to partially shield the sheds from the course.  We intend to mulch and plant out in front of it.  A load of gravel has been placed to complete the area, and also re-route the tank overflow away from the ladies tee.

All wood orders are complete thanks to Rob and Trucky for the last order.  This is now a summer project only.

Members will notice the improved entrance to the Course which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but provides a safe exit from the Club with the busy Promontory road now being visible from both sides.  Thank you to the working party for this work Monday 29 August.

The daffodils are blooming….and make such a warm welcome, thanks Robbo.

Work for the dole is in turmoil at the moment, Scotty has left due to personal reasons and Darren has been advised his time is over.  I am in the process of sorting this at the moment.

We are at a point where I intend to call a pre spring greens meeting to determine who does what and to get as many members on board as possible for set tasks.  I am aiming for Beer and Barbie shortly.  The only way we will keep up through spring is bums on mower seats.  We need to be ready.

Bill and I had a meeting and course tour with our temporary part time curator.  It was very positive and we discussed options on Greens maintenance, machinery sharing.  We covered weed spraying.  He seemed happy as to where we are at as long as we follow up on our spraying.  He wants to see us thatch our greens, not core them, we have machinery to do this so it is cost effective.     I feel we are on top of things at the moment but I am more than happy for any advice.

Thanks all,

Col Olden



On the advice from the South Gippsland Shire, the Club has submitted an application to purchase a travelling irrigator which will help significantly with summer time watering.  The grant application also includes the upgrade of fairways with turf. Hopefully we will be successful and this work will take place later in the year, early 2017.

Unfortunately, the Club was not successful with the application to the Bald Hills Wind Farm group to fund the renovation of bridges on the course. The group considered that there would not be sufficient residents of their capture area benefit from the proposal.

The Club has submitted a Community Safety Grant to improve the security lighting in the car park and to the 2 side exits to the Clubhouse. The application will also include an alarm system for the workshop area, and the installation of safety rails to the front steps. We received a lot of support from the Meeniyan community in the way of letters of support. The local police provided the Club with relevant crime statistics as well as a letter of support and the Club wishes to thanks Paul sincerely for this valuable support.

To support this grant, a security audit was undertaken which is available on the noticeboard for members to view.

The grants are a lot of work but its worthwhile giving it a go!!! Thank you to everyone who helped out proof reading and seeking quotes.


Web update

A reminder the sign in for member’s page: password is meeniyangolf.

Ad VanVeen is doing some work updating the website.

Suggestions for additions/improvements are always welcome. Please let us know what you want.


Farewell to Denise

 For the past 8 ½ years the Club has been extremely spoilt by one person in particular: Denise Poletti. Nothing has been too much trouble for Denise whether it be coming in early to accommodate green fee players with carts and food; scones/jam/cream for so many events that have become a legend across the South Gippsland golfing community, as well as those famous pies; cleaning up after everyone; jumping in and cooking for twilight when the Club was at a loose end; running raffles/organising tokens/having ‘two bobs’ ready for fines….and so much more, all of which is above and beyond what Denise was actually employed to do.

 The Club is very sad that Denise is leaving us. She will be sorely missed by all.

 To help say good bye and wish Denise well in whatever she wishes in the future, the Club invites all Members to come down to the Clubhouse on Saturday 10th September, at 3.00 pm. Could those who can, please bring along a plate of something savoury or sweet to share on the afternoon.

Seeking Member’s preferences

 Two surveys were emailed to members with extra copies available in the Clubhouse.

The results were presented to a meeting of committee and captains and emailed to members.

 Basically, Members were happy with the current playing days, with 3 lady members expressing a desire to play on a Saturday. The Club is interested in extending the options for ladies, especially those who work and only have weekends available to play. If you are in this group, or if you just want to play another game during the week, can you please let Veronica know so that she can pass the names onto the committee.



Captains Corner

Ladies report

Only 2 games played for month of July due to inclement weather. Replay of June monthly medal and July monthly medal. Winner for June was Heather Poletti (16) 93/77. We had 12 ladies play. Winner for July was Veronica Park (16) 95/77 with 7 ladies braving the weather.

Irene Holm and Lyn Jennison were runners up at the SGWGA Royal Women’s Hospital Play offs so they get to represent Meeniyan at Keysborough GC later in year. Well done to these ladies and to BJ Angwin and Nancye Hammet who also participated.

Big congratulations to Andrea Thorson and Irene Holm who have been selected in Country teams to represent South Gippsland. Good luck and good hitting.

Nothing else to report. We have some lucky ladies away at present holidaying – lucky them. On a sad note Jenny Cope’s dad passed away, condolences to her and her family.

Veronica Park

Ladies Captain

Men’s Report


Saturday 2ND July. Monthly Medal—Round 1Handicap Cock o’ The Run.  16 players participated and played front 9 twice. Daryle Gregg stitched up everyone to claim medal & lead in handicap event. Members draw won by Winno Reilly. Course was closed down for remainder that week.

Saturday 9th July. Stroke 2nd round Handicap Event.

Course in much same condition: front 9 twice again. Daryle maintained his very consistent form and took out the event with nett scores of 67 & 68 Agg’ 135 nett. Well done, pity they held back presentation so I had to give it to him!! Just kidding Daryle.

Saturday 16th July.  Due to great efforts from a number of members, we were able to open 6 holes on back 9, and had a 15 hole comp. All in all was not in real bad state. If excessive rain holds off, we should have full course again next Saturday. I cannot speak too highly regarding the efforts of a handful of dedicated blokes and our work for the dole boys. After discussions over a few beers it appears we may take on a few more labourers. I can only imagine what we could achieve with a greater effort from capable members.

Saturday 23rd July.  Put the mozz on it again, more bad weather, no golf. Played front 9 twice again Tuesday, still very wet. It didn’t seem to bother Col Stewart though with 39 points.

Saturday 30th July.  The course was still restricted to front nine. 17 played Par. My how members love par. Col continues to amaze with yet another dominant performance. Still reminding men about making repairs to divots and pug marks, as well as keeping motorized carts to dry side or fairways.

Had a discussion with Veronica regarding casual mixed morning and are working through football and other commitments to set a suitable date.

Regards Rids

Mens Captain


South Gippsland Water Project


As was reported in the last newsletter, this project has been signed off at last and members should see some action around the course once we can get the pipe laid when the necessary area dries out a bit.  This will not only provide the course with valuable water during summer, but also will cut down our fertiliser bills!!!



General Committee


The General committee meets on the second Sunday of each month around 9.30 in the Clubrooms. Minutes and reports are generally placed on the noticeboard by the following Monday evening ready for the weekly comp days. Captains are always invited to attend meetings and are included in the minute’s distribution list.


If there are any issues that members want placed on the agenda, please make contact with a committee member.

If there is any other information that members would like, please let us know.



Annual General Meeting


The Club AGM has to be held within 5 months of the end of financial year which is September 30. The General Committee has set Wednesday 7th December 2016 for this meeting, 7.30 pm in the Clubhouse.



Fundraising- upcoming events

 There has been some positive activity happening around the Club, which have been supported by members.

  1. Calf raising: Truckie Hughes has taken charge of this activity and the Club has been able to profit from this. Please see the Treasurers report. The Club wants to thank the McKnights, Graeme Cope and Scott Browne for their work with the current lot of cattle.
  2. Tee Boards: Reg Hannay has this under his umbrella, or should I say feet! Reg has continued to bring on new Tee board sponsors, which is fantastic.
  3. Raffle: All tickets were sold for the raffle with the prizes kindly donated by Brad Wright. Congratulations to Lyn Jennison for not only winning the Pizza oven, but also taking out second prize!! Congratulations.
  4. Trivia night: What a great success this was. It was fantastic to see the buzz in the Clubhouse and the healthy competition. The event was taken out, again, by the Meeniyan Progress table. Congrats to their team.
  5. A trailer load of wood was raffled at the Trivia night and raised over $200 on the night. Great effort.
  6. Goods and services auction: this event has been postponed to the New Year
  7. Reverse draw: Feedback to committee around cost of tickets was noted. Committee to investigate option of holding a reverse shuffle with the Meeniyan Cricket Club late in November was discussed. Paul will investigate this opportunity with the cricket club and more information will be emailed to members and placed on the general notice board.
  8. Garlic festival: Bill Pratt is the Club liaison for the planning underway to hold a garlic festival in Meeniyan next year. This is a great opportunity for the Club to make some money from this event. Bill’s initial thoughts to the organising committee are that the Club could advertise camping at the golf club with meals available on the Saturday night, and breakfast on the Sunday morning. We could also encourage visitors to play golf on the Sunday, either use their own clubs or carts and clubs are available for hire. Maybe the Club could offer packages like dinner, breakfast, cart & clubs with 9 holes of golf for 2 people $100? Bill will attend meetings on our behalf. Ideas please to Bill.


Around the Clubhouse


Last newsletter contained a thank you to the ladies sub-committee for organising the purchase of new blinds for the Clubhouse. Denise has been busy cleaning and tidying up the kitchen area with some volunteers. Members will notice now that you can now see ‘what’s in the cupboard’ with the doors from the central station being removed.

The Club needed to repair the much used pie warmer, with one of the glass doors breaking.

This was replaced at no cost to the Club.


As expected June/July saw things become a little less hectic than the previous few months but we still had ok fields on most days. Green fee and cart hire for the month was better than expected and up on the previous June/July. Col has sourced a gas hot water service for the kitchen and the Club is waiting on the cost of installation. We think that maybe all the bar needs is a unit similar to the one used to make tea & coffee.

As mentioned earlier in Paul’s report we are now aiming to run the club house with volunteers. If you are available to work please let me know so that I can put you on the roster. It is important that the volunteer system works or there is no gain from the changes made. These changes have caused much angst within the club and now is the time that we can all do something for the good of our club.

Bill Pratt

House Chair


Twilight 2016-17


It’s getting close to that time of year again. Daylight savings starts on the weekend of October 2/3, however twilight golf will commence after this date. A review of last year’s competition highlighted that the earlier start did not attract many players/meals to warrant the activity. Some good ideas were highlighted at the recent member meeting which are in the process of being considered.


More information will be emailed and placed on the noticeboards early in October.  Still send in your thoughts to Paul or Bill if you have any ideas about how the Club may run this event this year.



Golf Month 2016: Golf Australia initiative

 October is Golf Month 2016, and Clubs have been invited to contribute to this on-line campaign. Meeniyan Golf Club has taken the opportunity to register come and play events, twilight and specials on membership.

Visit to check out what is out there for you and your family in this nationwide campaign.



General communication


You may have noticed that all emails come to you via the Club email address

If members change their email address, can you please let Pam Erving at or Marilyn McGeary know asap.  This means that the official Club data base can be maintained and remain accurate.


Membership is everyone’s business.

If any member has an article of interest they would like to see in the Newsletter, please email Marilyn at

Thanks all.