Presidents Corner
As everyone is well aware, Dave Thomson’s brother was involved in an accident, and is recovering in hospital at the moment our best wishes go out to Dave and his family.
Currently we are depending on our volunteers to take the reins and maintain the course and they are doing a wonderful job with the weather turning in the last fortnight.
Congratulations go out to the ladies Division One and Three winners and commiserations go to the men’s Division One and Three runners up. This was a great effort for such a small club and which I believe is the envy of many.
We had a great turn up for the Championship Dinner and again congratulations to all winners.
In course matters the practice fairway is beginning to grow thanks to the efforts of Rob Boyle and hopefully we will be able to use the area in Spring.
Bob McGeary has been madly cleaning up the fallen trees and branches around the course ready for splitting.
I have been away for the past fortnight and with the rain, the course has started to become wet under foot, but with some course management and common sense all golf carts should be staying to the tracks and a little walking to the ball won’t hurt anyone.
Once again I thank the hard working committee members for the work they are doing from catering to sponsorship and from grants to calves and all the volunteers for the course.
Keep the good work up.
Course Update
The Greens committee and band of volunteers have been working hard to keep the course in good playing condition. Visitors and green fee players have commented favourably especially about the condition of the greens.
Both Ladies and Men’s tees are being renovated with kikuyu.
A new path has been established from 1st green to 2nd tee. This is a safety issue especially when hitting over the hill on the first without vision of whom maybe walking back to the path leading to the 2nd.
Plans are in place to re-sculpt the fairways – fringe- rough when the grass grows sufficiently.
Long term plans includes the moving of the 5th tee towards the fence to leave greater space between 5th tee and 4th green, creation of a new 9th men’s tee backwards from the ladies and start work on the extra tee on the 11th (Riddle’s revenge!)
Aeration of the greens is on the books using a new method which has been employed by other local Clubs in the District. This should be a great saving over traditional coring.
An update on the Green’s projects can be found on the general notice board.

Course Development Plans- Update
Works are continuing along priority lines. To date, levelling of the practice fairway is now completed. Seed has been donated and sown with some turf kindly donated by Capital golf course, thanks to Lochie Cope for organising this. The Boyle family have put an enormous amount of time and machinery into this task. A tee has now been established and it is thought this area should be ready to go in the spring. At this time, some additional couch sprigs will be added to secure the surface.
During the working bee of 13 June, work commenced on the widened of the entrance to the course. This will enable better vision to the Course and a safer entrance and exit all round.

Introducing Darren
Members may have seen a gentleman around the course clearing under trees, loading sticks into the tipper, helping to split wood and also on the rough cutter. We are very lucky to have Darren who works approx. 20 hours/week on and around the course.
Handicappers will notice the addition of a shelf to the office which has helped greatly to keep this small area organised. Big thankyou to Daryle Gregg for donating and erecting the shelving, as well as the two at the coffee/tea station.
This past month the Club has submitted two grants for consideration: Bald Hills Wind Farm group to fund the renovation of bridges on the course, and Vic Health for a defibrillator (third time lucky- hopefully we will get enough to be able to purchase and train people in its use)
The Club is now working on a Community safety Grant to improve the security lighting in the car park and to the 2 side exits to the Clubhouse. The application will also include an alarm system for the workshop area, and the installation of safety rails to the front steps. A directional rail to the ramped access will also be included.
To support this grant, a security audit is being undertaken which given the burglaries to the Clubhouse and workshop over recent years, is necessary.
The grants are a lot of work but it’s worthwhile giving it a go!!!

Web update
A reminder the sign in for member’s page: password is meeniyangolf.
Ad VanVeen is doing some work updating the web site which the Club hopes will go live shortly. Watch this space.

Clubhouse Blinds

Members will note the installation of the new blinds to the Clubhouse. This has been a fundraising priority of the Ladies sub- committee which were installed in May. A great improvement.

Footy Club Vouchers

The Club is supporting each of the local footy clubs which have been provided with prize vouchers to give out with the recipient gaining a game of golf for 2.

Seeking Member’s preferences

Two surveys will be emailed shortly to members with extra copies available in the Clubhouse.
Playing preferences:
Most Clubs in South Gippsland now have competition days open to all members. To get an understanding of member’s preferences, the General Committee is seeking input regarding preferred days of play, especially if your preferred day is washed out in winter, or you have to work.
Change of Month for annual Championships:
This year’s championships numbers were down with many players commenting on the clash of times with pennant and footy seasons. Paul Robinson foreshadowed this at the recent Championship dinner. Input is sought from members on this item.

Captains Corner
Ladies report

April has seen continued dry conditions (until end of mth) greens have been
slick and really tested our putters. Ladies have continued with preferred
lies as fairways still sparse

Ladies Tournament day – April 15th – was a fantastic day. The ladies were
fantastic in getting 2 outside partners each and this increased our field
immensely. Lunch was great – thanks to the ladies for doing the salads and
to Nereda and the men’s catering group for their service on the day. Huge
thanks to Graham Hoskin for helping me put the field out and organising the
grades, as this allowed me to play and enjoy the day. Everyone was in ‘blue’
to support Beyond Blue, and the clubhouse looked sensational thanks to those
ladies who assisted me in setting it up. Members from other clubs are still
raving about what a great day it was and I am still receiving ‘hugs’ when I
go to other courses!! Look out next year we are going for 22+ teams!!

Medal day winner for April was Veronica Park.

Pennant this year we have a Section 1 and Section 3 (handicapped) and as of
last Monday both teams cannot be beaten. Excellent effort by all ladies
involved in the pennant teams. We will be presented with the banners and
badges on Monday following play. Both teams will be out to win on Monday
just to prove we are the best for 2016.
Our last big event for 2016 is our Olive Harris Bowl which will be held on
Friday 13th May. Go Meeniyan.

Veronica Park
Ladies Captain

Mens Report

Division 2 pennant was played at Meeniyan April 3. David had the course as good as weather conditions allowed. All went well on the day. Unfortunately we went down to a very well credentialed and low handicapped Leongatha side 4 – 3. A very creditable performance
Thursday April 14 was the first day of the Annual tournament. With numbers low, this event will be reviewed for 2017.
I have had informal discussion with Welshpool players suggesting we establish an annual Challenge Event on a home venue rotational basis in lieu of tournaments. Suggest it should we held OCT/NOV between footy/cricket seasons, and strongly suggest committee follow up with a view to this year. We played a 4BBB with winners being Daryle Gregg & Peter Riddle-42pts
Saturday April 16th was the 2nd day of Tournament and the Col Stewart Plate. 26 players with all being Meeniyan members. Options for review with maybe the fostering of better relations with individual clubs one on one to our mutual benefit. The best thing about this day was the appearance of new member, Ross Batten, playing comp. This event was a 4Person Stableford, with 3 best scores to count, 4th to be used in countback. Winner were Rod Mathews, Jeff Wilson, Peter Wilson & Lloyd Hemphill with 98pts
Saturday 23rd April saw another 4BBB, with a very pleasing turn-out of 28 players, most of who stayed on after for presentations. Also pleasing to see Graeme Revell bring along Shane Stewart from Northern G.C. and Thommo bringing his mate Scott Williams. Saturday night was the return of Glo Golf which turned out to be a very successful social and financial enterprise. Plans are in motion to repeat again in not too distant future. The working bee on Monday 25th April saw 6 men pick up and burn sticks on 3rd hole, clean up fallen tree on 3rd, and lay new grass on 2nd & 13th tees.
At this point all Pennant Teams are flying and it is looking like all will play finals. (Hope I haven’t put the mockas on them) Both ladies teams have secured Pennants. Congratulations!!
Saturday 30th April: nothing to report apart from Jeff Wilson had a day out.
Regards RIDS (Men’s Captain)


Catering events update

The Clubhouse was nearly full for the Championship dinner and it was so great to see many of the Ladies and Men’s Champions there to receive the congratulations from the entire Club. The event catering was organised by Ned Scholte with the Stony Creek Football Club ladies preparing, serving and cleaning up afterwards. Thank you so much for the great job.
The Olive Harris Bowl on the 13th May was a success for the Ladies with Ned and catering group 5 completing another wonderful meal for all. Thanks to the sponsors for the event: Lacy’s and Duck Hut of Meeniyan.

It was fantastic to see the Clubhouse near to full again on June 12th with Glo Golf #2!! 56 people enjoyed a scrumptious casserole meal with deserts and the famous Poletti scones after the game. Thanks to Pam Erving for donating the Glo balls and Paul Robinson for the previous night’s donation.
Thanks also to Cootamundra Nursery and Landscaping for donating raffle prize for the night which was won by Faye Pratt.

Wood orders
Wood splitting has been the order of the month and the Club hopes to have all orders delivered in the very near future. No further orders are being taken until the Club is able to get some more ready for sale. Volunteers for splitting are very welcome – please contact Paul Robinson, Col Olden or Bob Mc Geary if you are available,

Upcoming events:
Mark these on your calendar:

Xmas in July:
23rd July: Put this in your diary for sure – not to be missed. A themed event, dress to impress, which leaves it open for all.
Flyers will be in the Clubhouse in the next week.

GloGolf #3 – November, date to be announced. $25/head included golf and comp. entry fee.

South Gippsland Water Project

This project has been signed off at last and members should see some action around the course shortly. Although it may seem to some that it has taken a long time, it has been worth it in the long run with South Gippsland water agreeing to the $18k to fund the pipe and tank plus an additional allocation for fittings which South Gippsland Water will provide. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who has been involved in the negotiations over the entire time.

General Committee

The General committee meets on the second Sunday of each month around 9.30 in the Clubrooms. Minutes and reports are generally placed on the noticeboard by the following Monday evening ready for the weekly comp days.
You may see some brightening up of the noticeboards over the next few weeks. The General Committee has a priority regarding communication, and the boards need to be more appealing.

Fundraising- upcoming events

There are a number of projects happening around the Club and some upcoming events for members to take note of:

1. Calf raising: Truckie Hughes has this in hand and although a long term project, the outcome will be profitable to the Club. The Club thanks sincerely those members who have agreed to raise calves for the Club over the next year or two, some already in the process. A list will be posted on the general; notice board. Inquiries to Truckie direct please all.
2. Tee Boards: Reg Hannay has this under his umbrella, or should I say feet! Reg has been tireless seeking out new Tee board sponsors, which is fantastic.
3. Raffle: Raffle tickets are around the Club and with Denise. $2/ticket, $20 a book, will see the successful person take away a gas fired Pizza Oven with accessories, and a Dart Board complete with wooden cupboard and extra darts as second prize. Raffle will be drawn at the Xmas in July event on 23rd July.
4. RACV project: Bill Pratt has secured funds from the RACV to erect an advertising board on the front of the Clubhouse.
5. Goods and services auction: a whole of Club event to be held 15th October. Watch this space for further information.
6. Reverse draw: November 20th, further information to come.

General communication

You may have noticed that all emails come to you via the Club email address
If members change their email address, can you please let Pam Erving at or Marilyn McGeary know asap. This means that the official Club data base can be maintained and remain accurate.

Membership is everyone’s business.
I can’t – does nothing; I’ll try – does something; I can – works miracles.

Old saying: Many hands make light work…so true.

If any member has an article of interest they would like to see in the Newsletter, please email Marilyn at
Thanks all.