HNY 2104

Hello all of our wonderful members, I hope you had a pleasant Christmas and and New Year celebration.  Let’s hope 2014 brings the club all that is deserved by the hard working volunteers who keep the club running.  The new committee will be much smaller enabling members to support the club by volunteering for sub committees that meet their interests and abilities.  This should be a positive force for spreading the load over the whole club not just a few.  The Annual General Meeting will be on 28th February 2014

Christmas Twilight

The Christmas breakup night was a fabulous meal prepared by our Chef Simon and assisted by Tanya Thorson and Andrea Thorson.  I know they had a very busy night in the kitchen and prepared a lot of great meals for the large crowd of parents, grandparents and children.

Annual Trophies and Events

Santa arrived by golf buggy from the bottom of the 18th fairway, which was nice.  He looked marvellous in his beautiful red suit and gave icy poles and lolly bags away to all the children.  He even posed for photos with the children and some of the adults.

The number one membership was auctioned later in the night and this was once again hotly contested by three very keen bidders.  The eventual winner of the auction was Heather Poletti who paid $1290 for the honour of being the number one member.  Whoa betide anyone who parks in her special car park this year.  Great effort Heather and Ray Poletti.  This marks 5 years she has bought the number one membership.

Several annual awards were presented on the night of the Christmas twilight.  Unfortunately many were won by a person who was on holidays at the time and so was not able receive his awards.  I am sure he will be in contact with the all the various sponsors to thank them for their generous sponsorship.

Mixed Knockout

Helen Helms-Boyle and Frank Piele won the mixed knockout competition and were presented with their trophies along with the runners up. Faye Le Page and Phil Johnston.  Better luck this year Faye and Phil.  The qualifying round for the mixed knockout will be on January 12th this year.

Best Club Person

This award is now being sponsored by Craig and Belinda Buckland but still honours members who have put in an exceptional effort over the year.  This years nominees where, David Thomson, Denise Poletti, Lloyd Redpath,Veronica Park, Winston Reilly, Helen Helms/Boyle and Robert Boyle.  Congratulations to all of them.  The winner voted on by the committee was Robert Boyle.  Robert was humble in his response to this award but he has done a great job in his first year as Greens Committee chairman and so deserves every congratulations.


We are still looking for a willing person to take over the role of catering supervisor that Veronica filled last year despite being Vice Captain of the ladies golf at the time.  Veronica did a great job and we raised lots of money due to her positive attitude to the job and her willingness to seek support from the whole membership for catering not just the women and her use of simple delicious menus that all appreciated.  Veronica worked closely with Denise and together they achieved a great result.


Camp Draft

A wonderful effort by all the volunteers at the camp draft, a well organised event.  Big thanks needed to Denise Poletti who shouldered most of the responsibility for the catering along with Linda Brown,  Bill Pratt, Will Bullock, Janine Bullock and Fay Pratt who covered the administration and physical drafting.  Thanks also to many others who worked various rosters over the week end.  A fantastic club effort.  We raised approx $9.5 thousand which we shared with Stony Creek Football club.    We have the catering job for a further camp draft an opportunity to make a little more money.  If you would be able to help with this event please let me know.


Our new Website is up and running.  Hopefully our presence on the internet in an official site will be of great value.  Huge thanks to Allen Shatten for overseeing this project from beginning to end.    Visit 


Currently the course is in excellent condition in readiness for Hammos Power Pod day, congratulations to all the many people involved.  I thought the gardens around the first tee and ninth green looked wonderful last night, and the practise green looks to be in play.

Trevor Hollingsworth will return 5th February. Let Sue Hoskin know if you want a lesson.  Good time to work on your game prior to pennant!!